Dental Phantom with Steel Gums and Teeth c.1930

aluminum with metallic gums and human teeth

An early 1930’s Dental Phantom. This is certainly one of my favorite pieces. I was shocked when it first caught my eye. Made of an aluminum skull with steel gums. If you look closely you will see the menacing quality of the teeth and the gold fillings peppered throughout. I love to refer to a unique piece like this as an “Industrial Nightmare”.  It literally screams at you and combines a sense of dread with a very Metropolis like futuristic feel. I feel it is an amazing juxtaposition that creates a fine art feel.

These phantoms have been used for quite some time, this being a choice specimen. Dental students would work on these for practice. Interestingly the little rivets protruding from the facial area would anchor a rubber face to make it more “human” to work on. Somehow i feel that could have made things far worse? What a strange sight that must have been, quite Terminator.

For myself this was nightmarishly impeccable. I am pretty certain if Gigers Alien, Robocop, and a Cenobite copulated this would be the result.


12 Responses to “Dental Phantom with Steel Gums and Teeth c.1930”
  1. thomas says:

    Where can i buy one?

    • Dark Element says:

      Greetings, One with steel gums and teeth…I have never seen another. There are ones out there with plastic gums and such, wood etc. This one is part of my permanent collection.
      They are not easy to come by, particularly unusual types. I can refer you to the Vecabe Brevet kit listed in my blog. That is an extremely scarce item. Maybe the only one like it.



  2. leaf says:

    I have wanted one of these for years.. I think they are beautiful. Wish I cud find one for sale.

  3. Mike Stewart says:

    Did you acquire this from Obscura? I saw one just like it on there that a guy bought and the first thing I thought was that looks like it could be from Alien. Definitely a piece I’d love to own!!

    • Dark Element says:

      Yes, I am that guy. We are good friends with Mike and the shop. Thank you for the kind words, I agree with you completely that is why I wrote how it reminds me of Gigers alien had sex with Robocop and a Cenobite from Hellraiser.
      You can see more of my collection and some more items for sale here too.

      • Mike says:

        You have some very cool items!! Would you ever consider selling the Dental Phantom?? I’m sure your answer is no but a guy has to ask…lol.

      • Dark Element says:

        Sure, and no haha. Sorry I get that question a lot. If you are interested in any other bone related items or something else I can assist.

  4. Jack Barker says:

    Hello, I just wondered if you could give me any indication of a value of a piece like this?
    Thank you

  5. Naughty Zombie says:

    Believe it or not, my wife and I were watching Oddities on Netflix. This EXACT piece was being sold at a store called Obscura in New York. Episode 4, Season 2 to be exact. The fillings and the front chipped tooth match it EXACTLY. I had to look this up. It’s creepy as hell and straight out of a nightmare. LOVE IT.

    • Dark Element says:


      Yes that is us. I am good friends with Mike and Evan. We do the show time to time. We have a bunch more good episodes coming g for season 4. That is the same one of course. Originally comes from a good friend of mine who collects stuff we collect.

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