Astounding Dragon Prussian Cigar Humidor

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Astounding Dragon Prussian Cigar Humidor

Myself and many others I have consulted with have never seen anything like this piece before. It has multiple points of appeal and attraction. An absolutely stunning Austrian-Prussian Silver Plate Ornate Cigar Presentation Humidor, inscribed “Nedelist Juni 19th 1887” The historical portion of this dark and powerful looking item should not be understated. Nedelist was … Continue reading

WP featured

A scarce and on…

A scarce and one of a kind old hinged ritual human skull mounted on a rococo brass stand. The inside of the cranium is brass lined and engraved with an inverted 5 pointed star with two of these points made up by the horns of a goat’s head. This is the sign of Baphomet, The … Continue reading

Life Mask 1 alt

Spectacular and Surreal Bronze Life Mask

An amazing and unique find, this completely solid bronze life mask is full of the finest detail and artistic skill. Amazing reptiles crawl all over the face and out of the mouth. A sensational work of art that is quite extreme and tantalizing in person. Unsigned, this piece is quite heavy. Measures 13 1/2 inches … Continue reading

Enema 3

Fine Victorian Tropical Enema Brass Pewter

This is an extremely fine, scarce and odd piece preserved in a museum quality state. A Victorian Tropical Enema made of the finest brass and pewter in the original mahogany case with key, circa 1850’s. Known as a “Tropical” enema because it was designed without any rubber tubing, which in the time completely disintegrated in … Continue reading

Dental 1

Dental Antiques Vecabe Brevet The finest example of Vecabe’s work I have ever seen. A near complete French workshop kit displaying a wide range of the impeccable craftsmanship of bridges, crowns, prosthetic and porcelain teeth c.1920. Vecabe truly brought dentistry into the modern age. It was his intention to provide the modern world with the work. These items … Continue reading

aluminum with metallic gums and human teeth

Dental Phantom with Steel Gums and Teeth c.1930

An early 1930’s Dental Phantom. This is certainly one of my favorite pieces. I was shocked when it first caught my eye. Made of an aluminum skull with steel gums. If you look closely you will see the menacing quality of the teeth and the gold fillings peppered throughout. I love to refer to a … Continue reading